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Types of Roller Shutters

Alert 4 Shutter provides made to measure hand operated manual and automatic electric roller shutters for many applications. We aim to accommodate all your needs from concept to completion. No job is too big or too small. We supply and install single phase and three phase roller shutters for all types of premises like school, car parks, shops, houses and for industrial units.

Repairs & Servicing

We also carry out repairs and maintenance work to all types of rolling shutters and industrial doors. If they have stopped working due to old or worn parts we can supply and fit new parts on site.

Regular servicing is the best way to keep your doors working efficiently and minimise the likelihood of a failure and unnecessary door repair costs.

Planned Maintenance

We carry out planned maintenance work to all types of roller shutters, fire shutters or commercial doors. You’ll be provided with a service log book for your shutters or doors which will record all work carried out, stating that the door has been inspected and is in a safe condition to be used.

It is a legal requirement that all types of workplace and pedestrian doors are maintained, tested and kept in safe working order. If you are unsure of your commercial and legal obligations, we can carry out an assessment and provide advice for all your commercial properties.

How to operate shutter in case of power failure ?

We do get calls from our client on how to operate automatic electric shutter in case of powder failure or tripped fuse. All our electric roller shutters are operated with motors with manual over-ride in order to give our customers peace of mind in case of power failure.

In case of power failure shutter can be operated by the use of manual winder and hook hanging out of shutter motor. You have to loop both winder and hook together and wind it up and down, sometimes motor is locked and in this case you have to pull or push motor hook in or out so that is can work. If shutter is big or heavy than you might need other persons help to lift shutter whilst you are trying to wind shutter.

Pin Hole (Transparent) Shutters

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Pin hole roller shutters are perforated which allow shop windows to be visible but still secure. Particularly effective when shops are illuminated in the evening.

Aluminum punched shutters

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Similar in construction to pin hole but instead of perforation, shapes are punched out which allows both security and visibility.

Grill shutters

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Roller grill shutters offer the most visibility and are light and easy to move. They allow airflow and maximum window visibility.

Galvanized (solid) shutters

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Galvanised steel roller shutters are perfect for back yards, shop fronts and factory units. Galvanised steel does not generally rust but may become dull over time. Powder coating is available.

Powder coated shutters

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A powder coating finish helps prevent corrosion and is available in a variety of colours.

Fire shutters

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We offer a range of effective fire shutters that give you the fire-safety protection you need and at the same time, look attractive. Requirements will be dictated by building regulations and insurance requirements.